Navy Regs & References

Marksmanship-related Regulations and References

  • Competitor Info for Fleet and All Navy Matches
    (Team Rules section revised 29 Jan 06; EIC section revised 27 Feb. 2001)

U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations:

  • USNMTNOTE 3590.26 (20210302): Guidance on the Proper Wear of Distinguished Badges, EIC Medals, and the President’s Hundred Brassard
  • U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations NAVPERS 15665I/ Article 5310: Marksmanship Awards
    (Also found in Chapter 5 of the Uniform Regulations on the BUPERS website and CD)
  • Chapter 6 (Camouflage Utility Uniform Regs are Section 8)

OPNAV/USNMT Marksmanship Instructions

  • USNMT Memorandum/Ser2021-002/5 Mar 2021 Current USNMT Operating Procedures, Administrative Instructions, Notes and Memorandums
  • USNMTINST 3590.36/Ser2020-007/31 Fleet Concentration Area/Regional EIC Competition Match Procedures
  • USNMTINST 3590.46/Ser2020-008/31 USNMT Small Arms Firing School (SAFS)
  • USNMT Memorandum/Ser 2019-006/17 July 2019 Secretary of the Navy Trophy Rifles
  • USNMT Memorandum/Ser 2020-021/16 Sept 2020 EIC Medal Distribution
  • OPNAVINST 3590.26A / 18 Aug 2021 USNMT and Navy Distinguished Program. This instruction establishes policy for the Navy Marksmanship Team and rules for the EIC and Distinguished Marksman and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges.  USNMTINST 3590.26/Ser2020-002/20 was cancelled with the publication of this OPNAVINST.
  • To request award of Distinguished Badge, use the procedures outlined here.  The procedure references submitting a request letter, examples are here (Marksman) and here (Pistol Shot).
  • OPNAV 5530.13C/26 Sept 2003 Physical Security Instruction for Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E)
  • OPNAV 3591.1F/12 Aug 2009 Small Arms Training And Qualification

CMP Competition Rules (click cancel if prompted for password, the document will still open).  This link contains sub-links to the specific rules for Rifle/Pistol Competitions, CMP Games, and electronic targets.

NRA Rulebooks  : Precision pistol and High Power Rifle are relevant

DD2760_Domestic Violence Waiver – Qualification to possess firearms and ammunition.  Required to be completed by for all DoD personnel prior to entering a military installation

Historical & Reference Items

Small Arms Manual from the 1960s here.

High Power Rifle Team – Strategies for the team member and the coach

History of the Distinguished Badge (by Culver)

History of the Distinguished Badge (by Rocketto)

Analysis of Pistol Groups

How to Shoot a Ten