USN Competitive Shooters Association

Each year, people who participated in any competitive marksmanship event while in the US Navy (in any active or reserve capacity) as well as those who were in a direct support position such as armorers or administrative personnel are invited to our annual reunion. You do not have to be a former or current member of the active duty or reserve USN Marksmanship Teams. We also invite National or International Champions in any competitive shooting discipline to attend. Our reunions are usually held in the fall at different places around the USA. They’re typically 3 to 4 days long at the end of the week.

For more information about the USN Competitive Shooters Association and its annual reunion, contact Dave Fiehtner at davefiehtner “at” gmail “dot” com

The 2021 Reunion is tentatively planned as follows:

26-28 August in Ogden, UT.  Planned tours include the J.M. Browning Firearms Museum (Thursday) and the Golden Spike Promontory Point (Friday).  Future updates will include more information.