2020 ATL FLT & ALL NAVY (EAST) Championships

The Fleet Forces Command (Atlantic) and All Navy (East) Rifle and Pistol Championships has been postponed!  See the announcement on the home page.  New dates will be posted when available.

Please read the attached Match Program carefully to comply with base access requirements.

Registration is via the CMP Competitions found at here.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PAYMENT:   USNMT does not use CMP web site to pay match fees.  Please read the directions carefully when you register.  Note the match fee needs to be paid via Paypal to usnshooting@gmail.com or you must mail a check as per the directions in the registration page (check made out to USNST and sent to CAPT Bob Ryan, 232 Royal Oak Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23322).  Do not send money orders, personal checks are OK.  There will be a $5 late charge for anyone not pre-registering (CMP web site says no late charge but you will be charged $5 extra if you don’t pre-register).  The match fee is $50 for each phase (Fleet and All Navy).  The .22 rimfire EIC match is a separate match and if you paid for the fleet match the fee is an additional $15.  If shooting just the rimfire EIC, the match fee is $25.

FORMS REQUIRED FOR BASE ACCESS:  All civilians must complete the domestic violence disclaimer here: CivDiscl. Military must complete the DD2760.

ALL competitors (civilian and military) must complete this Quantico Waiver.

Civilian shooters must complete the base access form Quantico Access.  Send it to CAPT Ryan at the “usnshooting” email address above – well in advance of the match.  If right before the match, print and bring a hard copy with you.